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Soil Gas and Soil Vapor Sampling

Soil gas or Soil vapor sampling can be achieved in a wide variety of locations under a wide variety of conditions. Sub-slab installations can be carried out by hand for shallow depths or with our limited access machines for deeper depths.

Soil Vapor Implants installed by GeoTek Hawaii are a high quality stainless steel implant. Usually installed for long term monitoring or for more controlled sample intervals.

A variety of lengths can be used to tailor the implants to site conditions.
A variety of tubing sizes and connections are offered for simple integration to sampling apparatus.
Constructed of 100% stainless steel and decontamination can be confirmed prior to installation.
Small diameters permit ‘nesting’ of multiple implants into a single bore hole.
Leak detection helium shrouds are easily configured to encompass the sampling point.

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Vapor Pins™
For shallow sub-slab soil gas samples the Vapor Pin™ may be the best fit. A patented sampling port is installed into the slab with powered and manual tools.

Quick installation time permits high volumes of sampling locations in a single day
Slab impact and work area influence is very minimal
Disposable seal minimizes any additional installation materials
Creates a very small sampling port reducing the required volume of helium

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Post Run Tubing (PRT)
Post Run Tubing (PRT) is a very efficient tool when it comes to soil vapor investigations. A tool string is advanced to the target depth. Once the sampling interval is exposed, an adapter is connected to a length of Teflon tubing and connected at the bottom of the tool string.

Very quick and easy to manage multiple sampling points and intervals
Single piece tubing minimizes any leakage points ensuring sample integrity
Sample collection system can be leak checked easily.
Adaptability to virtually any vapor collection apparatus.

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