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GeoTek Hawaii uses a Geoprobe Model 420M for drilling in small tight spaces. With a width of 19” (483 mm), a working height of 94” (2388 mm), this high powered machine can perform the same operations as larger probes for soil and groundwater sampling, concrete drilling, and conductivity logging.

Universal mounting options
Economical mobilization
42 in. (1067 mm) stroke
14,000 lb. pulling capacity
11,700 lb down force
Weighs less than 411 lb. (186 kg)

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GeoTek Hawaii also relies on a Geoprobe Model 6620 track machine. In addition to direct push, our 6620 has the ability to perform geotechnical applications utilizing a high efficiency automatic drop hammer. Active energy measurements taken during our geotechnical projects have revealed that our equipment is providing high quality information. The 6620 works well to get into rough terrain, sensitive surfaces, and indoor work. GeoTek Has used our 6620 to perform solid and hollow stem augering, down hole air hammering, and wireline rock coring operations.

5' stroke handles industry standard tools
3000 ft-lbs of rotary torque for rotary and augering projects
Remote control operation is safe and efficient
Extremely versatile machine

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