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Groundwater Sampling

Screen Point 15 & 16
The Screen Point (SP) system is a protected screen, direct push groundwater sampler for use in unconsolidated materials. Its watertight design eliminates the threat of formation fluids entering the screen before deployment and ensures higher sampling integrity than conventional samplers.

41-inch (1041 mm) exposed screen length allowing fast recharge from the formation
Sampler is completely sealed during driving
Large 1.0-inch outside diameter screen allows the user to deploy either mini-bailers or tubing with bottom check valves into the bore of the screen for sampling both dissolved compounds and non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs)
Can be used to sample floating layers (LNAPLs) and sinking layers (DNAPLs)
"Groutable" design allows abandonment grout to be pumped through sampler to meet ASTM Method D 5299-92 requirements

Groundwater Profiler
The Groundwater Profiler enables you to conduct vertical profiling of groundwater quality from a discrete interval using 6-in. or 12-in. screens. The Profiler also allows the field operator to conduct hydraulic conductivity tests (e.g. slug tests) at each sampling depth to determine contaminant flow paths. Profiling can be conducted to determine vertical distribution of contaminants, especially in sandy or coarser-grained aquifers, as the tool is advanced incrementally into the formation.

Sample at multiple depth intervals without removing/reinstalling the sampler for each depth
Stainless steel screen has a 0.004" slot to assist with development and to provide high-quality samples
Tubing can be used to isolate the sampled water from stagnant water inside the drive rods thus improving sample quality
Bottom-up pressure grouting may be conducted to meet abandonment requirements

Mill Slotted Well Point
This is an excellent tool for use in finding where your water table is. With the ability to push and pull throughout the column, this tool simplifies groundwater sampling and profiling.

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