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Magnetometer G-858
Buried Metal Detection (UXO, UST, Barrels, Pipelines)

Magnetometer surveys measure small, localized variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Strong local magnetic fields or anomalies are produced by steel objects buried in the ground, such as tanks, drums, piles and reinforced concrete foundations.
UST detection
Buried ferrous metal detection (e.g., drums, pipelines, and well-heads)
Utility locating
UXO detection
Minerals exploration
Environmental investigation
Archaeological and forensic investigation
High sensitivity – easily detect a single drum buried 6 meters
Cover two acres per hour at 2 meter line spacing
Passive electronics, non-invasive and non-hazardous
Gradiometer configuration enhances the precision of the survey and the definition and delineation of small magnetic anomalies
Combined with EM-61 enhances geophysical anomaly characterization

Geosoft contour presentation of the G-858
Magnetometer data showing buried pipelines
A typical buried pipeline detectable
with the G-858 Magnetometer

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