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Drilling Services

GeoTek Hawaii uses Geoprobe® equipment, which has redefined the way sites are investigated in the environmental industry. This is a soil probing or “direct push” machine that pushes tools and sensors into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil. This eliminates the handling, containing, and storing of potentially hazardous and contaminated cuttings with minimal disturbance to the ground surface.

GeoTek's arsenal of tools:

Soil Sampling
Macro Core, Dual Tube & RS60.

Groundwater Sampling
Mill Slotted Well Point, Screen Point System & Groundwater Profiler.

In Situ Detection Systems
Direct Detection of Contamination & Lithology.

Auger Drilling
An alternative to percussion probing tools, Able to install conventional 2” and 4” ground water monitoring wells.

Conforms to ASTM D1586-99 Standard Test Method for Penetration Test and Split Barrel Sampling of soils.

Limited Access Rig
This high powered machine can perform the same operations as larger probes but is designed for drilling in small tight spaces.

Monitoring Wells
Geoprobe® Prepacked Screen Monitoring Wells.

Pressure Activated Injection Probe, ORC® & HRC® Injection.

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